Multi-Vendor Managed Maintenance

More testing, less time, and fewer resources. Laboratories are continually asked to do more with less while maintaining (or increasing) throughput and ensuring quality results. Service contracts can be expensive, but the risks of downtime or a major repair are, oftentimes, more expensive. When instruments are supported and maintained to meet specifications your staff and lab remain productive.

Full Coverage Assurance

Ensure your instrumentation receives the regular service it requires and the rapid response you need if it goes down. Our Full Coverage Assurance package includes: 

  • Personalized field service

  • A dedicated point of contact and service email nod

  • All labor, parts, and standards for an unlimited repair service visit

  • Technical phone support

  • 24-72 hour response based on geography

  • Annual preventative maintenance service (additional PMs available based on requirements

  • Loaner instruments available in some markets

Simple PM Only and IO/OQ Only Services  

Not all equipment requires a service contract. General Scientific offers simple fixed fee services, with no obligation beyond the service visit, for those that want to maintain control of their service program and obtain support on a case-by-case basis. This model is ideal for labs that:

  • Want to minimize contracts for equipment that rarely fails

  • Reduce high-level contracts, o

  • Keep IQ/OQ/PQ qualifications separate from a service contract while maintaining a high level of compliance

  • Personalized field service

about us

Providing Quality Service Since 1992

At General Scientific, we focus on precision and practicality. We can secure the exact scientific equipment as per your specifications from virtually any major supplier and set it up for you. We will verify and calibrate it onsite and we are happy to provide scheduled maintenance contracts and repair services to keep your scientific equipment running smoothly and precisely 24-7

General Scientific serves a wide range of satisfied clients in broad sectors across Southwestern Ontario in the areas of education, laboratories, medical research, food production, environmental, water quality, pharmaceuticals, and other facilities where scientific equipment or refrigeration is used daily and always has to work precisely.

What We Offer

General Scientific offers multiple levels of support. Service can be provided for individual instruments but are most economical when combined with a pool of instruments. General Scientific is happy to review your asset list to see where we can be of assistance

Inspect & Replace Periodic Maintenance

For users who are the most budget constrained, yet desire to have their instruments inspected on a regular basis. General Scientific technicians will follow OEM style procedures and will inspect and replace parts, only as needed.

OEM Style Periodic Maintenance

General Scientific technicians follow OEM style procedures and will replace all parts that would normally be replaced by the OEM. General Scientific technicans will also perform Operational Verification by performing analytical testing when applicable.

Annual Service Contracts

More along the lines of a traditional OEM service contract. You benefit because General Scientific technicians can work on multiple instruments from numerous vendors. Providing wider coverage saves time and money and can reduce travel costs.

Depot Repair Service

For smaller instruments, a Depot or Return To Factory service option is available. For a fixed fee, General Scientific, will provide a diagnostic of the equipment and provide a quotation for repair. The quotation will include the cost of parts and labour to fix the instrument. Once the quotation is approved, and a PO provided, work will begin.



Multi-Vendor Laboratory Instrument Services

Ensure Lab Productivity and Quality

Instrumentation and equipment problems drag down lab productivity and divert lab staff from their core responsibilities. Protect these capital investments with General Scientific's Lab Solutions Service Support and ensure the reliability of your laboratory. We offer multi-vendor instrument services for chemical and biological laboratories that are OEM-equivalent and customized to your unique requirements--at significantly reduced prices.

Keeping your instrumentation in optimal conditions means more consistent results, less downtime, and more productive lab operations.

Multi-Vendor Service

Vendor equivalent instrument services for chemical and biological laboratories designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Instruments Supported

We support a wide array of new and legacy instrument types from many major manufacturers.

Service Delivery Plans

Affordable service plans at a significant discount to the vendor designed services to manage costs while ensuring the reliability and quality you require.